Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Missi!

I have been putting off my first blog post, waiting for something special to say.  Well it’s been long enough.   What better way to say happy birthday to my big sister than to share the deliciously spicy cookies I made for her birthday? 

In the past several years, birthdays between my sisters and I haven’t included many surprises.  Living so far away from one another, it’s just easier to ask exactly what they want.  This year, Missi told me that she wanted a new travel coffee mug.  I searched and searched and finally found a pretty silver one to keep her coffee hot all day long.  I thought I’d add a little surprise to the mix and send her a pound of Caravan Blend coffee from Misha’s, but I couldn’t keep that a surprise either.  Determined, I decided make a batch of cookies to send her in the birthday package, and miraculously, I was able to keep them a surprise!

I made David Lebovitz’s Nonfat Gingersnaps, for which the recipe is found on his wonderful blog and in his gorgeous cookbook Ready for Dessert.  They are soft chewy cookies, with lots of spice form all the cinnamon and ginger (ground and candied).  Sweetened with molasses and brown sugar, and moistened with applesauce, these are a tasty (4 points per cookie!) treat, worthy of the best big sister’s birthday!

Coming to Panda’s blog soon – cashew nougats!