Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Getting Settled

Dan and I have been moved into our new home for over a month now and we could not be happier. All the boxes are unpacked, save two full of picture frames that we will hang after we paint in a couple of weeks! Here are a few recent highlights!

The kitchen is of course one my favorite spots! I love the warmth of the cabinet and floor finishes contrasted with the bright stainless steel. This kitchen has already churned out numerous goodies and treats, and there are certainly many more to come! 

We are planning to paint the walls sage green like in the photo below. Then the challenge will be deciding on a design for the back-splash behind the range! Any ideas? 

We will carry that color through to the living room, which is filled with light all afternoon!

Finally, I snapped a few photos outside this afternoon while watering the grass. I absolutely love the view from the backyard looking west.

Now if I could just get that grass to grow!!


  1. You should do a green, grey, black and beige small tile spread under the range!

  2. Woah, your apartment looks really cool, chic and spacious. A place where I’d love to build a home with someone special. Some pictures won’t load. Can you fix that?

  3. Your apartment and the place behind the apartment is very awesome. Yeah it happens when you move to another place because of the ired work routine.